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When owning a restaurant seemed like a pipe dream, I started doing some reading.  The first thing I read that shifted my thinking was The SecretThe Success Principles (TM)   Jack Canfield.  I consider this book a sort of like an into to a new way of thinking.  Well, Jack Canfield was in this book (It’s a movie, too!The Success Principles (TM)   Jack Canfield), and I started reading some of his books. The Success Principles(TM)The Success Principles (TM)   Jack Canfield just blew me away.  It really goes through, step by step, what you should do to be successful.  And when I coach a client, I refer to it often for different exercises and ideas.  If you are interested in starting a journey, but not sure you are “coachable,” this is an excellent alternative!  It takes some self-discipline, and it may work even better as a companion for you and your coach, but it is completely fantastic!  In upcoming blog posts, I will share some of my personal answers to some of the exercises.  It’s fantastic in helping you make some concrete goals, and breaking them down into smaller steps.  I definitely recommend it!  If you want to learn more about Jack Canfield, you can head over to his website.  Just some more tools for your toolbox!  This one really changed MY life.

The Success Principles (TM)   Jack Canfield
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Ali Brown’s Elevate

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Although I’ve started businesses before, I was leaving my comfort zone with starting a coaching business.  There were so many possibilities, so many shiny new things that could help me.  Well, I finally decided on Ali Brown’s Elevate program.  The program is fantastic! I had been following Ali Brown on Facebook for quite some time, and she is just powerful.  The program seemed to be exactly what I needed, and I decided to start the program as I was setting up my business.  I figured it would be good to start on the right foot, instead of figuring it out on my own…which seems to take a little longer Ali Browns Elevate

In this program, I receive an email that links me to a new video every week.  The videos are about 45 minutes long, and there is an action sheet that comes with it.  Elevate is great for people with service based business, but also would work if you have physical products to sell.  I have to say, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the weekly pace.  Life sometimes gets crazy.  But, if you just pull up your big girl panties (which is what I needed to do) and buckle down, it works.  During these times, I think that I need a coach to make sure I’m doing OK!!!  And that may come soon for me!  The staff sends an accountability report out monthly, and checks your progress.  The entire program is one year long.  It’s a little on the pricey side, but there is a monthly payment option.

So, if you are ready to take off, this may be a program to look at.  I definitely recommend it!


**DISCLAIMER**  If you join the Elevate program, I will receive a commission.  That being said, I really like this program and am actually a member.  Just another tool that you may wish to use in building your business.

Ali Browns Elevate
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