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Life…It Happens

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Well, in my other life I am part owner of a full service restaurant.  My presence has been needed there.  Hence, I haven’t been present here.  I am still available for private one-on-one coaching, just send me an email or give me a call.  I still have time for my clients, but had to put aside marketing myself.  So even though you may not hear or see my name, I’m still here Life...It Happens

Life...It Happens
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I’m Baaack!

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Well, after taking off for the Summer, I’m back in a groove.  I had a good summer with my kids, even though I had some personal issues to deal with.  I feel that my brain is now focused and I’m ready to get down to work.

I have a new program in the works involving what I like to call “mini-coaching.” It’s pretty simple, really.  For a very affordable price, you share one goal with me.  We break that goal down into chunks through an email dialogue.  Every week (or two), I’ll check in with you to see how you are progressing, and if you’ve followed your plan.

I think this will work great for any type of goal, whether business or personal.  Sometimes you just need that one person who will objectively check in and ask, “Why haven’t you done what you said you were going to do?”or “Good job!  What’s next?”

I’ll keep you posted on when I’m ready to reveal all the details.  Fall has always felt like the time of the year to settle down, focus, and get to work.  I’m thinking it’s because of the traditional school year.  I always want to buy fall clothing and school supplies, too!

I hope you’re getting in a groove, too!  If you have children, it’s back to schedules and homework.  But it’s also the perfect time to write yourself into that daily schedule!  What are the things you like to do in the Fall?  Let me know in your comments below!

Im Baaack!
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Hi!  Welcome to my new blog!  I’ll be posting little tidbits that cover a variety of interests.  From motivational sayings, to books about intuition and the law of attraction, to practical business articles and advice.  I’ll be getting into a regular blogging rhythm soon!



Heather Welcome to The Goal Checkers Blog!

Welcome to The Goal Checkers Blog!
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