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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I’m a big fan of signs from the universe.  I’m  not really sure if they are REALLY signs from the universe.  Quite honestly, it could just be that my brain is recognizing things that it just wants to see.  But that doesn’t really matter either way.  As long as it makes me feel better about my decisions and it’s working for me, I’m going to keep asking for signs.  It’s sort of like religion.  Not every religion can be right with all those different gods and rules and what not.  But as long as it’s working for the individual, who cares?

I’m going to share a couple of cool stories about signs.  If you think I’m crazy, that’s OK…you wouldn’t be the first person to think that I’m crazy.  And if you think it’s cool, go ahead and ask for a sign from the universe.  See what happens.  I usually ask for my sign while I’m writing in my journal.  The only reason I do that is because life is so crazy with kids, businesses, cleaning and general “stuff.”  I would completely forget what signs I asked for.

My first story is about when my husband and I were looking to buy an existing restaurant/bar.  We had looked at a couple, but they just didn’t feel right.  We were pretty close to buying one very close to our home, but we ended up walking away from it.  And I’m glad we did!  Business would have been much more difficult if we had bought that place instead of the place we did buy.

When we checked out the place we ultimately ended up buying, it wasn’t perfect.  It was dirty.  It was unorganized.  But we immediately saw potential.  The lay out was good and the kitchen was huge.  But it was still a big decision.  We walked around with the current owner, and stopped near the waitress station to have a chat.  I put my hand up to lean on something, and there it was.  There was a hutch.  The exact hutch that I had in my dining room.  The one in my dining room was from my great grandmother.  It had to be from the 1940′s or so.  It was EXACTLY the same.  And we’re not talking some mass produced thing from Wal-Mart or Target.  This was an antique.  It gave me goosebumps, and gave us the final push to make our decision.

Coincidence?  Possibly.  I, myself, don’t believe in coincidence Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

My other story is a bit more recent.  About a yearand a half ago, I was debating on which path I wanted to follow.  This whole life coach thing had been tugging at me, but I just wasn’t sure.  So, when I was writing in my journal I asked for a sign.  I asked that I hear or see the phrase “life coach” in an odd setting.  So, all those emails I get from Oprah didn’t count.  She talks about life coaches all the time.  Here’s how the rest went down, quoted directly from my journal:

Um…HOLY FREAKIN CRAP.  My day was just truckin’ right along yesterday.  Chloe was home sick.  I came home from work and sat with her to watch a show.  We watched Good Luck Charlie.  Late in the show, a character answers a cell phone for his dog grooming business.  He looks at Teddy (a character in the show) and says “It’s my second job.  I’m also a Life Coach.”  I was grinning frm ear to ear!  To hear that on a kids show – what a sign!

So…sign from the Universe, or my brain just seeing what it wants to see?  Like I said, it doesn’t really matter to me.  But it makes me feel like I’m choosing to do the right things.  Try it for yourself!

photo credit: Transguyjay via photopin cc

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

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