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Start Your Business In Your Mind


Start Your Business In Your Mind


That was my fortune from my take out Chinese dinner a couple of weeks ago.  And I completely agree.  We are what we think.  It really comes down to what we feel inside.  Now that you know what type of business you are interested in starting, you have to start some planning.  I’m a big fan of a vision board.  Actually, it doesn’t have to be a board.  But it can be.  I use a binder.  I literaly go old school.  I grab a stack of magazines and start cutting out pictures.  I have my binder divided up into sections.  One for business, one for travel, one for personal health and well being, one for family and one for just “stuff.”  Then I grab one of the kid’s glue sticks, a pair of scissors and start old school cutting and pasting.  In order to prep for this post, I took a look through my vision binder.  Some of the things I had in there was to have an iPad (got it), to lose ten pounds (did it) and to write a book.  This blog is the beginning of the book…I think.

So, make your vision board.  And cover all the areas of your life.  It’s not so good to succeed in business but have a crappy home life.  Make your “picture pages.”  (aside:  I’m totally dating myself there.  Remember the song? )

ANYWAY, let’s move on.  I used to look at my vision binder about once a week, maybe more.  But you can’t JUST look at it.  At each picture, I would imagine myself with that item, or experiencing that place.  Close your eyes and really FEEL it.  After I went through my book, that was it.  I’d just let those thoughts go and trust that somehow everything would work its way out.  But the key is that, by looking at that binder at least once a week, those goals were fresh in my mind.  All the time.

Back when my husband and I knew that we wanted a restaurant, but had absolutely no idea how that was going to happen, I would plan it all out.  Sometimes, it was just the two of us chatting over a glass of wine.  Remember, at this time, we had no plan.  But what we were forming was a vision.  During one conversation, we knew that we wanted to use old family photos.  At the time, we thought they would be on the tables, under coats and coats of varnish.  Fast forward about 5 or 10 years.  It didn’t exactly happen that way, but the walls of our dining room and bar are covered with sepia-toned family photos.  And we get compliments on them all the time.

Almost every night (if I wasn’t completely exhausted…I DID have two very small children) I would give myself about ten or fifteen minutes to enter our restaurant.  I would close my eyes and imagine myself opening a door.  It was the door to our restaurant.  I would walk in and it would be dark.  And each night I would discover a new part of the restaurant.  I vividly remember the night that I went to the office.  The feeling I had was just fantastic.  I knew that the office would be where I would do MY work.

I have to say, though, that the restaurant in my head looked nothing like the restaurant we actually have.  BUT, I still, to this day, get this weird feeling every once in a while. When I am the first one at the restaurant for the day and I am putting my key in that door, I sometimes get this overhwelming feeling of “Holy shit, I can’t believe we actually own a restaurant!”

It rocks.

So, the point of this post is that you have to FEEL what you think it will be like to have your business.  Plan some stuff.  What’s the decor?  How do you feel when you open that door, or answer the phone stating the name of your company?  Getting that business into your soul is the first step to making it happen in the “real” world.


Start Your Business In Your Mind

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