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We All Need A Push


We All Need A Push

Seeing that I am a coach, I think that there is a very high value in coaching.  But, if you are looking to start a business or follow your dream on a shoestring budget, you just may not have the cash to hire somebody to keep you on task.

You don’t need to hire somebody.  Really.  You just need a friend who won’t take your excuses.  Just like you may have an exercise buddy, you feel guilty if you don’t show up to burn some calories.  Because you don’t want to let that person down.  Most people have a friend or relative who can say it how it is and not kiss your ass.

That, my friend, is what you need.

So, first you need to find a friend who supports your dream.  This person should not only support your dream, but they should also realize that this is YOUR dream.  They should not be the type of friend who wants to offer a ton of suggestions.  And, if they DO offer suggestions, they should not be the type of friend who will get crabby and upset if you don’t take their suggestions.  This friend should definitely not be a push over.  You don’t want the person who will just go along with the crowd.

Have a sit down with your friend and tell them that you would like their help so you can stay on track.  Explain your vision for your future business, and what you think your first few steps might be.  Then, ask if you can get together or chat on the phone about once a week.  Tell your friend what your “to-do” list is for that week.  The following week, your friend should look over that list and ask what you completed.  If you didn’t complete a task, they should ask you why.  They shouldn’t take your excuses (most of the time).

It really is hard to rely on yourself to keep your goals and tasks in check.  You want to know why?  Because we talk ourselves into believeing our excuses.  When you tell yourself “I was too tired” or “This week was so crazy!” you will accept that and push your tasks to the next week. Or month. Or year.  And all of a sudden you lose some of your passion.

And then you’re telling your grandchildren, “I always wanted to -fill-in-the-blank- but never did.”

And that’s all I have to say about that.


photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

We All Need A Push

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